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Tired of all of your sealer related problems such as bubbling, blushing, delaminating surfaces or  scratched surfaces that don’t stand up to the test of time? Finally, a class that will allow you to work with some of the most advanced technologies out there relative to sealers and coatings to help bring your business to the next level.

The field of decorative concrete and industrial flooring is challenging enough to produce without worrying what your floors will look like six months after you turn it over to your clients. Learn how to apply some of the most durable systems in the market and come be a part of this very special class and you be the judge!

This class will cover following topics such as:

  • Evaluating concrete substrates and what to look for before quoting potential solutions.
  • How to clean and prepare concrete surfaces in preparation for coatings including auto scrubbing, sanding with screens and a variety of abrasive profiling sanding discs, degreasing and common repair techniques with cutting edge products that are very rapid setting.
  • How and why you profile concrete in preparation for coatings including acid etching, dustless grinding and shot blasting.  Why would you choose one technique over the other?
  • Learn how to acid stain and dye concrete from the person that wrote the book on the subject.  A variety of faux finishing techniques will be demonstrated to help you create one-of-a-kind floors.
  • How to prepare for the application of “IMPACT” Concrete Sealer and the type of tools and equipment needed.
  • The proper use of “IMPACT” Pigment Packs to produce architectural colored decorative floors.
  • Demonstrations of MP 100 Epoxy will be shown with a variety of different applications including thicker film builds in addition to an introduction to the exciting world of colorful metallic pigments suspended in MP 100 epoxy top coated with abrasion resistant IMPACT concrete sealer.
  • Concrete polishing is a very hot topic; however, is that the only solution for commercial, tenant improvement or big box store applications?  Learn how to Grind, hone and apply IMPACT Concrete Sealer eliminating the need for an 8-10 step process.
  • Topical Guard products for polished concrete have been a debatable topic relative to durability and stain resistance.  Come experience what separates Ultra Durable Floors Guard from all of the rest.


With today’s market being so competitive, learn other topics you may have not even considered including in your business model such as:  IMPACT / EPIC Tile and Grout cleaning, coloring and coating process EPIC for VCT/ Vinyl preparation and application.

NOTE:  Class size will be limited so sign up now. You won’t want to miss this one and be like many others saying, “I wish I would have attended that class”.