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Read What Recent Students Say About
DCI Training Schools!

Excellent, concentrated, hands-on course with lots of invaluable
information. Thanks to Bob, Lee Ann, Ron, Barb and Sarge.
Matt Miller (Hibbing, MN)

I’ve been doing decorative concrete for 10 years, acid staining for three
and the information given at the Chemical Staining & Specialty Technique
seminar was so vast and complete on the subject, I’ll have to take several
weeks to digest it all………Ted Keskinen (Summerfield, NC)

I am blown away. Our time was utilized to the fullest extent with the right
amount of lecture, demonstration and hands-on. I leave excited, encouraged
and with a clear picture of where I am heading. Thanks!…..Rick Merrell

Awesome! The information learned from this seminar is invaluable. Thank
you to Bob Harris and Staff and Kemiko. All that was presented will prevent
many trial and error mistakes, which will save us problems with clients
floor, and the pocket book. Another special thanks Barb and Earl Sargent
for all of there support and help with our projects……Javier Bernal

What a great workshop. I learned a lot from this workshop. Many thanks to
Bob Harris and the DCI Group……Furng-Fang Frank Lee

Hey Bob and Lee Ann,

Loved the training! Thanks for motivating me to keep trying new techniques. I can't wait to start making more countertops. Thanks again.

Matt Hine
owner / operator
Progressive Concrete Coatings

Hi Lee Ann & Bob!

I love the news letter from the illusional art class. I just want to say that it really was a lot of fun and incredibly inspiring. You know, when I decided to pursue the decorative concrete industry many years ago, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be creating the things I do today and exploring different techniques and applications with concrete. I love what I do.

I am happy to see another illusional art class coming. I am not surprised. These classes are true spring boards to a new dimension in decorative concrete. I cant imagine what we will be seeing in the next few years as other contractors begin creating illusional art. It is so cool to be a part of it.

Take care,
Greg & my much better half, Tiffany

The Kemico workshop at the Decorative Concrete Institute was truly an information packed seminar. Since attending the seminar, I feel extremely confident about the preparation, application of stain, sealers, waxing and the maintenance required for a decorative concrete business to fully understand. The pricing and troubleshooting lessons will be a huge benefit for future projects as well as the confidence to control the many variables of concrete staining.

Your friend indeed,

Daniel Klock
Evenfaux Custom Interior Finishes

Dear Bobby and Lee Ann,

I would sincerely like to thank you for the honor of having me participate as a guest speaker and demonstrator at the Getting Started in the Field of Decorative Concrete workshop. My topic being pattern stamping allowed me to demonstrate to potentially new decorative concrete contractors throughout the U.S., Korea and Canada to the students at your Douglasville, GA location. Bobby had taught me stamping so many years ago, amongst other topics to current including micro toppings, overlayments, acid staining, dyes, and polishing just to name a few.

The additional guest speakers were outstanding and each had their own input and topic to add to the melting pot of Decorative Concrete. We all, and I'm sure including Bobby, had the opportunity to learn from each other. I hope the students have received the valuable information given to them and understand that it does not end here.

Lee Ann on the other hand is a ball of fire and unmistakably the most detailed and thoughtful hostess.

In all, your program, Getting Started in the Field of Decorative Concrete is by far the most ingenious program that I have ever had the ability to encounter in the Decorative Concrete Industry. Bobby and Lee Ann's relationship with me has by far extended beyond business and I have welcomed them as family. I propose to anyone who has the ability to read this, that if considering either getting started in the Decorative Concrete Industry or just moving to the next level of the industry, to consider The Decorative Concrete Institute for education and association with Bob and Lee Ann. The only thing I can say to new people who have been there and those who intend to, is.....welcome to our family!


Dominick P. Cardone
The Concrete Impressionist

I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Coatings workshop and I appreciate the opportunity to advance my knowledge in the field. I would like to thank you for one of the best seminars I have attended. I look forward to attending more in the future.

Thank you,

Terry Borek
Tech Lightweight Concrete, Inc.

Once again thanks for the motivation!!!! Keep up the great work. I was a concrete junkie before I took your seminar and now I just can't get enough of the creative side to this industry.

Thanks for everything,

Domenic Mattei
Custom DesignCrete Inc

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate all that you and your staff have done to make my business successful. There is no question in my mind that the classes that you teach are among the best (if not the best) in the business. It is also not surprising to me to read all of the great comments that you have received from your other students. You have arguably the most extensive knowledge of decorative concrete techniques in the country and I can say from personal experience that you have a very clear and enthusiastic presentation method when teaching. I did not attend one of your scheduled seminars but instead hired you as a consultant on both floors and countertops.

Without question, I can say that your consulting services have represented the best return I have received on any money that I have spent on my business. I say this for four reasons.

1) While classes are great and I certainly encourage people to attend the ones that are appropriate for their businesses, there simply is no substitute for one or more days of dedicated one-on-one training.

2) We both know that it is one thing to see something in a classroom in a pseudo-controlled environment. But, when you get into the field, a whole new set of intangibles presents itself and having you there while those are happening is very beneficial.

3) Your dedication to your consulting clients and their businesses through ongoing personal communication and advice has helped me on more than one occasion.

4) Finally and most importantly is confidence. There are a lot of opinions in the decorative concrete field and as the old saying goes..."Everyone is an expert." Well, Bob, you truly are an expert, and it is comforting to know that when I call on you for advice it is going to be sound and I have the confidence to use that advice when my reputation is on the line.

To anyone else who reads this, I hope you have figured out that this is a glowing endorsement for Bob's consulting services. I think it is also important to point out that I am not writing this simply as a reaction to a wave of emotion from a recent seminar or training session. It has been one year and two months since I first hired Bob as my consultant. My opinions have formed over that length of time through actually using his advice on the job.

Bob, thanks again for all of your help. Please use this recommendation in any way you see fit. Also, feel free to have anyone contact me if they should have any questions regarding a client's perspective of your services.

Warm Regards,

Lee Thornton
Greymatter Concrete Designworks, LLC

P.S. I will be sending you photos from my last three floors on which I used your new dyes. They are GREAT!

"I just want to say that dealing with DCI has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in business. Due to the class and training at DCI, I learned a lot about concrete polishing and the world of concrete in general. Because of the professionalism and help that I received from Bob Harris and his staff at DCI, my business has been able to move forward and prosper. DCI has allowed me to establish enduring relationships with other professionals who really care about doing business the right way!"
__Eddie Morrow

"The Kemiko Stain workshop was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my training at the Decorative Concrete Institute. I had no idea that I would learn as much as I did. From staining, specialty techniques and learning how to create, layout and saw cut our own designs."
__Jeanne Neugebauer

"Just attended the Chemical Staining and Specialty Techniques workshop in Douglasville, Georgia a little over a week ago, and wanted to thank you and Decorative Concrete Institute for the experience. Wow! It's amazing how much knowledge and information was packed into two days. It was an eye-opening experience seeing what can be done in the field of decorative concrete staining...the possibilities are truly endless. The quality of the Kemiko product teamed with Bob Harris' vast knowledge and experience and the friendly atmosphere are something that I will never forget. I would have stayed much longer if I could have! It really was an incredible experience...thanks again!"
__ Clinton Veach

"Loved the class! Never learned so much! Hands on!! Easy to understand, Bob is very informative, organized and pleasant! Thanks so much!"
__Trey DeAtley

"In May 2005, one of my employees and I attended the two-day concrete acid stain school that Bob Harris and Kemiko Stain held in Georgia. From start to finish, everyone I dealt with to get registered, teaching the classes and demonstrating the techniques were very professional and friendly. We've been in the business for 2 years and we feel this school will help take our company to the next level which will easily pass the competition in our area."
__Ralph Heine

"I was really impressed with the acid stain class. I learned a lot and have gained more confidence working with stains. I was impressed with how my group's slab came out (we did the tile pattern). You have put together a first class operation!"
__Ryan McCreery

"I am a very hard person to impress, but the word "impressive" does not give justice to the job that Bob and his family do. I have been looking to break into this field for about six months and I really got serious two months ago. I love art and I love creating things. What entices and lures me to the field of decorative concrete is the fact that I can create something beautiful that people will appreciate for years. "
__Ronnie Campos

"Can't say enough about the experience & knowledge I came home with. You all are a "class act" if ever there was one! I made a sink mould on my table saw & will attempt an integral vanity top this weekend."
__ David Crane

"I found your seminar tremendously helpful. My dealings with concrete floors and cementitious toppings amounted to looking at cracked flooring and wondering what was to be done. The principle lesson I learned is that there is no one solution to a problem, and all situations are different. Your seminar helped create the foundation which is essential to be able to go into a situation with confidence and propose not only a solution but a good estimation of cost. We have done one big internal project that we think looks great, and are working on obtaining others with the prospect of a very large project coming up with a house we are building out of our stone."
__ Richard Edge

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the exciting world of decorative concrete. I was at the decorative epoxy systems class and because of going I felt as if I could be professional from the first job I sold not the fourth or fifth. I appreciate that Bob and Lee Ann have a heart to teach those who are willing to learn and are open about every aspect so that I can go out and really impress my clients. Not too long ago I put a vinyl chip flooring in a model for a high-end builder and have received nothing but positive feedback for my work.

To anyone who may be hesitating about going, it will only turn out to be your loss because Decorative Concrete Institute has not only enhanced my knowledge, but has also built my confidence to take on the world of decorative concrete."
__ Bryn Bailey, Suncoast Concrete Solutions, Inc.

"Thanks again for a great class. I can honestly say it was the best class that I have attended and taken part in. I have attended a good number of classes in my day, but this one topped them all. It was well organized and covered a great deal of different materials and applications. I think everyone that attended felt comfortable and I was glad to see everyone in the class got involved."
__ Jim Stimmel

" Bob, First I wanted to thank you for having the web seminar last night. It was very informative and somewhat inspirational given the projects we were able to see that you did. It pushed me to buy a ticket to Vegas. Thank you for your time."
__ Don McClain

"Bob, Leanne, and staff: Thank you for the most AMAZINGLY POSITIVE experience while attending the "Getting Started in the Field of Decorative Concrete" seminar. With my extensive concrete background, I thought my LOVE for concrete could not have been any stronger. Well, I was wrong. Your TREMENDOUS enthusiasm and passion for this industry has in turn taken my passion to the "nth" degree. Bob this seminar has literally been the most educational experience of my life. My fire has been Lit and I can see how bright my future will become when I succeed in this industry and I'll have you thank for it."
__ Domenic Mattei, Custom designCrete Inc.

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